Hello lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well.

As wedding season starts to rev up a bit amidst the ongoing uncertainty, I know a lot of ladies are feeling the stress of all that is happening coupled with ongoing changes in planning your wedding. It is important now more than ever to really take care of yourself on a physical and mental level to face whatever may come in the next few months and so I wanted to dedicate this blog to your physical and mental well being.

I am a bit of a skincare fanatic and always on the lookout for the latest exciting skincare products and tools to make us all feel that extra bit special and fresh. Disclaimer: I am in no way a dermatologist or a skin expert, before trying anything, understand your skin concerns and type, and always read the label of ingredients. You can get a skin analysis with Dermalogica over the counter in some big shopping centres if you wish a quick scan and understanding of your skin. The below suggestions are solely based on my opinion and observations.

The purpose of this blog is to explain some self care rituals that a bride can explore before and leading up to her big day, not only so that she can look amazing on her day, but also to relax and de-stress her mind, body and soul. So, with that in mind lets dig into skincare rituals.

Everyone has some sort of a skincare ritual that includes a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen. As you are a bride to be I would gently encourage you to go a little further and give your skin a little extra love. Go for a product that has Vitamin C in it, whether in the form of a serum, oil or sheet mask every other day before your moisturiser. A few suggestions for high end would be Sunday Riley’s ‘C.E.O Glow’ Vitamin C, Rodial’s Vit C Energising Mask, or Skinceuticals C E Ferulic. If you are a little tight on budget go for Pixi Vitamin C Sheet Max, or The Inky List Vitamin C Serum. If you do not want to apply Vitamin C topically, there are some good brands that make Vitamin C in which you can ingest either in capsule or liquid format. Some suggestions are Altrient, Solgar, Viridian and Cymbiotika.

I also recommend you give your under eye area some extra love and attention than just your usual eye cream. Try using some eye gel under eye patches every day before you go to bed, or you can go the traditional route and put some real cucumbers on your eyes for a couple of minutes then rinse. Some product suggestions for your under eye patches: Pixieset's DetoxifEYE, Hamish's Bulgarian Rose Hydrogel eye patches, and Rodial's Dragon Blood Jelly Eye Patches just to name a few.

Do not underestimate the power of facial massages and facial exercises. You can use jade and rose quartz crystal rollers but you can also use your hands. Facegym offers some awesome online (purchased) workouts that you can follow online. You can check out all your options here.

Skincare isn't about what you just put on your skin but it is also what you consume into your body and general lifestyle. This probably won’t be a very popular suggestion but what you eat and drink really does affect your complexion. Although I would always advise to check in with a professional and your body as you know your body best, below are some tips I found useful for a greater overall complexion and health:

  • Reduce stress by getting out of your head and into your body. So get moving; dance, do a HIIT workout, do a whole rigorous cleanout of your room, or get walking outdoors in nature.  
  • Have a cup of herbal tea everyday. Doesn’t matter what flavour initially but get into the habit of drinking herbal teas. Herbs have such a wonderful effect on us in various ways. Experiment and find your own flavour. 
  • If you are a coffee drinker, change up your usual coffee to mushroom based coffee like four sigmatic or London Nootropics; both sell adaptogenic coffees that taste exactly like coffee but without the nasties. 
  • Minimise dairy or substitute things like cheese for goat’s cheese
  • Instead of putting white cane sugar into your food or/and drink, try coconut sugar, agave nectar or steviol.
  • Go wholemeal instead of white whether it is in bread or pasta.
  • This is a no brainer; no fizzy drinks (sorry!) :-(

And that is it for today my lovelies. I really do hope you found this blog useful and if you try any of these please do let me know how you get on. Head on over to instagram @weddingsbyruaa or @imagerybyruaa 

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