Well hello 2021 ...

Hello and welcome to my first blog of the year! Here I share information, experiences and recommendations on all things weddings and in particular Middle Eastern weddings as this is my speciality! 

I am excited to embark on this journey and connecting with you all, sharing the happiness, joy and beauty that weddings bring. 

For all those romantics out there who proposed or got proposed to by their significant other half. A HUGE CONGRATS to you and what a way to start 2021! I hope my blog helps you on your wedding planning journey and I am always here for a chat, drop me a quick message here.

2020 has been … well, eventful shall we say. It had all the breakdowns and breakthroughs, and I think it is safe to say, that we have all been cracked open emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. You have made it thus far though so please be kind to yourself and acknowledge how amazing it is that you are still living and pushing through all of the madness out there. So, here’s to better days with more joy and more importantly human connection; humans exist in tribe and community, and that will never die. 

Back to weddings though, I will be covering various subjects from brides and ceremonies, to engagements and photoshoots, and all the details in between. As my speciality is in Middle Eastern weddings, some of my posts will have a Middle Eastern flavour to them, however I will also be including western elements into the mix as well.  

So here we go 2021, the journey continues. Follow me on instagram @weddingsbyruaa to get all the latest posts and updates on all things wedding.

Until the next blog!