Hello lovelies,

I have been loving the creativity that goes into styling the hijab for muslim brides who observe this part of their faith. Gone are the days when it has become an obstacle or inconvenience as now hijabi brides are embracing the different ways they can stylise their headscarf. One thing to note as well is the level of embroidery, accessories and detail that you will have on your head which will obviously affect not only the look but the weight which you will carrying on your head.  

So here are my top 3 hijab styles that I personally love for hijabi brides:

  1. Turban hijab style; these can be worn in different ways either with the neck exposed or fully covered. You can also definitely couple this with a lovely veil either long, medium, or short. There is also room to accessorise your hijab turban with headpieces and crowns and there are a variety of them on the market; from pearls to crystals and everything in between, there is a design to cater your individual taste.
  2. Hooded capes; This style gives me little red riding hood vibes. I love it because it gives an airy, almost mysterious but innocent look at the same time. Definitely one of my favourite styles for the modern hijabi bride.
  3. Traditional hijab; going back to basics, the traditional hijab style can be pinned and wrapped in so many different ways and again there is so much inspiration out there, from layers, to wrap, to on the side, the variations are endless.

Image from Pinterest - Turban Hijab Style

Image from Pinterest - Hooded Cape Hijab Style

Image from Pinterest - Traditional Hijab Style

It is worth mentioning that different muslims from different countries have different styles as well according to their culture and taste, so consider styles ranging from Turkey and the Middle East to South Eastern countries to India and Pakistan, all the way to Indonesia and Malaysia in the Far East. 

There are of course so many more different ways that you can style your hijab. A great source that I recommend to get inspiration from is Pinterest and below are some of my favourite instagram accounts of lovely work from UK professional hijab stylists:

Online shops for wedding hijabs and accessories that you might be interested in are below (please be advised these are just suggestions and further research on your part is recommended and advised)

Try your hand at some of these beautiful DIY hijab variations.

Last but not least I came across this lovely video of a tutorial by a lovely channel all about different ways you can make a traditional hijab look different for bridals.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog and found it useful. This is just a snippet of what is out there so don't be shy to go out there and explore more. 

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