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With the onset of April and spring finally being here, there has been a gradual revival of weddings as planning and bookings have started to accelerate. I teamed up with Tutu from @primevioletevents to bring you this mini guide to the wonderful world of micro weddings.

If you’re planning a wedding at the moment or have had to postpone in the past year, chances are that you’ve probably heard the term ‘micro wedding’ being used quite a lot recently but what exactly does it mean? Essentially a micro wedding is for couples who simply want to have their love signed, sealed and delivered, in the presence of up to 20 of their nearest and dearest! It’s a wedding that often has smaller guest numbers and is an intensely personal affair bursting with romance, connection and unity. It tends to be more relaxed than a traditional wedding day which means you can get as creative and flexible with it as you wish. In this blog, along with Tutu of Prime Violet Events, we talk about how you can work with your photographer and wedding planner / co-ordinator to capture the beauty of the day and produce some truly iconic and memorable images!

Why we love them

Ruaa: Micro weddings are so beautiful to shoot for so many reasons. As a photographer I absolutely love the relaxed, intimate, personal and wholesome vibe a micro wedding brings. I would classify a micro wedding to be up to 20-30 people and as we are approaching May 2021 with the guest count limit being extended to 30, I know many brides and grooms are feeling the micro wedding vibe and are considering this to be a very viable option for them. Iconic imagery are those photos that will last for a lifetime and evoke an emotion out of you time and again when revisited and I believe that it goes hand in hand with micro weddings.

Tutu, Lead Event Planner at Prime Violet Events: There’s a common misconception that micro weddings are usually not as glamorous or lavish as traditional weddings but that’s simply not true! Because there’s fewer people, it means you get to splurge a little more on things like the decor and activities or gifts for your guests. It also means there are more venues you can consider that accommodate smaller numbers providing you with far more options which wouldn’t usually be accessible to larger numbers or would cost too much per head.

Making them iconic

Ruaa: Micro weddings are a perfect opportunity for iconic imagery because you can divert a large portion of your budget towards that luxurious and super beautiful dream venue you have your heart set on hence giving your imagery that elevated iconic look. A lunch or dinner setting in a small – medium room at a top venue or even michelin star restaurant, surrounded by your closest and dearest is a sure way for me, as a photographer, to capture those creative and intimate moments that you will want to look back on time and again. 

Tutu: What I love about micro weddings is how versatile they are and how much room there is to be creative. I’m a sucker for ensuring little details that are meaningful, personal and purposeful are infused throughout a couples’ big day and having a micro wedding provides the scope to bring more of those features to life. Having fewer guests means you can be extra thoughtful about including them in the overall day and go the extra mile in providing each of them with a fun and memorable experience, making them feel extra special. A handy tip I have for couples is to work with your photographer beforehand to create a list of ‘must have shots’ throughout the day that capture those unforgettable moments such as guests opening personalised gifts or their reactions when reading your handwritten thank you notes.

On the day

Ruaa: A micro wedding’s relaxed vibe is an opportunity for exquisite couple portraits that are calm and serene. There is less stress and no need to rush which results in a more diverse set of images for the wedding couple. Also, because everyone is so familiar and comfortable with each other on the day, I find there is more flow and ease which in turn produces some great candid imagery that really reflects the joyous occasion. It is also worth mentioning that you can split your micro wedding into two parts; perhaps one day have the civil ceremony coupled the wedding lunch in a Michelin star restaurant or iconic wedding venue and a few days later have a mini wedding reception with a small gathering of small friends with close friends over canapes and drinks. This is an example of a micro wedding setup that one of my wonderful wedding couples Winnie and Phil opted for their wedding celebrations. 

Tutu: Having an iconic micro wedding also means having fun! The great thing about having a micro wedding is that fact that you get to spend time on what really matters to you and that could very well look like playing games in between your ceremony and reception dinner or having a paint and sip session at the end of the day. Naturally with micro weddings, there is usually more freedom and flexibility with time so having a well thought out schedule in place means you’re calmer, not rushing to jump to the next thing and you can properly take in every moment. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that when drafting the wedding day schedule, you’ve factored more than enough time for each activity because it’ll mean the pictures come out great as you and your guests will be so much more relaxed and having fun! 

All in all, even though smaller in size, there is no doubt a micro wedding can still be a beautiful and lively celebration as long as enough thought has gone into the little details that give that added iconic touch. Through added touches of personalisation, having a luxurious environment and incorporating special activities, you can have an unforgettable day where you will come away with some divine images that you will want to look back on time and again. 

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