Pivoting and creativity through uncertain times

So 2019 wasn't so bad after all, I feel people muttering under their breaths. It seems such a long time ago when people were clinking champagne glasses and raising toasts to what a cracking decade and year it was going to be and alas here we are 4 months into 2020 ... and well, it has been very eventful and cracking indeed, just not quite the way we imagined it (or maybe on a deep subconscious level we wanted this total destruction because we want something newer and better!). Then again that's life. Sometimes you will smell the roses and sometimes you will get pricked by the thorns. All for your own good and development as a soul and spirit having a human experience as I’d like to look at it.

I reflected, coloured, meditated, danced, and then reflected some more, mainly for my own sanity, but also on the implications this has on us creatives, where our profession relies on human beings and human contact whether in groups or as individuals.

I realised, we as photographers can certainly find a way to still shoot some great memories, stories and awesome human beings ... even during this pandemic. Let me explain.

The GOV.UK website has certain clear rules, one of them is to satisfy the 6 feet apart as part of the social distancing rule. As photographers we have a handy zoom lens, my go to is the 70-200 mm lens, which will leave plenty of sufficient distance in open spaces far away from the subject without the need to be in close proximity and give the ability to capture some awesome shots. Although the authorities state you can only leave for food, health or work reasons, for photographers this will account as a work reason, as does for those creatives and content creators who need images of either themselves or their craft to keep their businesses going. Small businesses cannot kill their creativity and ability to create art and beautiful imagery. There are ways to pivot and twist.

Now some might say; but wait, why would anyone want a photoshoot or images during this time? And here I would like to explain. The Corona virus and this global lockdown/quarantine has obviously tested the human race on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. Every house has a story, a journey and a tale to tell. People are learning so much behind closed doors for better or worse and are having breakthroughs or indeed breakdowns. These are human and life experiences/stories which if not documented and captured for our human evolution would be a great opportunity missed.

Photographers; imagine the stories we can capture and help people tell. The possibilities are endless. Maybe it is the rekindled love between two estranged lovers who were always way too busy for each other pre-corona world, maybe it is the intense emotional bonding that has resulted in a whole family being saved from an impending divorce or separation, or maybe it can be a single guy or girl who has a complete shift of perspective in regards to her/his pet being the best friend and confidant in these lonely times when they couldn't hug a friend or a family member. Whatever it is, this global collective human experience has I am sure created some amazing stories between the four walls of people's homes.

Images matter; they carry weight; they carry meaning; they carry emotion; they are energetically charged with whatever that has transpired in that specific moment; and it has the power to transport us back to that moment. 

I see opportunity in these times and perhaps the more rigid folk wouldn't dare step a foot out but I feel deep down in my gut that life continues and we can adapt and get a little innovative. Life is uncertain but that does not stop the spirit and soul from going forth and doing what feels is possible in the heart.

Let's start a quarantine photoshoot movement and see where it takes us. Of course we still need to be sensible as photographers and have sanitisers, gloves and masks on us to ensure compliance with the upmost safety standards for everyone's peace of mind.

Like this idea and want to jump into it? Contact me here and let's talk about how we can make it happen!

Sending lots of love and positive vibes during this time. May we all find the courage to face the tough lessons and come out the other side renewed.