A day photoshooting Cinquecento 500 restaurant in London's Chelsea

I strongly believe that the universe just leads us to the most wonderful experiences and moments if we are ready to be receptive and in flow. I found this charming restaurant nestled within the back streets of King's Road in Chelsea, London, by chance on instagram and couldn't help satisfy my curiosity as to what it had to offer.

The co-owner, Emanuele, along with his fabulous marketing team were very easy going and friendly to communicate and work with. Within hours we had a date and a time scheduled to photoshoot some of their fabulous food inspired by the wonderful Italian city of Naples and as their slogan goes "Just like grandma used to make" ... I knew I was in for a treat!

It was a dream feast for any photographer to capture. First up; the anti-pasti filled to the brim with olives, cheese, ham and salami. Second; the mini Margharita pizza followed by one of their speciality pizzas (as shown in the cover picture above) beautifully designed with the puffiest and fluffiest dough. To round off the main course the Chef's last surprise was the Calazone. Onto desserts to finish off; a beautiful Tiramisu and a traditional Sicilian Canoli.

It is worth mentioning that they have some great Vegan options for all those dairy and meat conscious peeps out there. I personally had the Vegan Spinaci Pizza (Spinach) on my second visit with a dear friend of mine and it was so good. So for all my Vegan peeps, fear not, they have you covered.

A really lovely experience in a beautiful little charming Italian restaurant that sources authentic Italian ingredients from Italy which is what gives their food that edge when it comes to taste. Treat yourself to a nice quiet evening with your bestie at this restaurant, relax, have a good deep conversation and let the lovely staff at Cinquecento 500 take care of the rest.

P.S They will be opening 2 more branches in London, so stay tuned for a branch near your neighbourhood!