Hello beautiful souls!

We are half way into this 2021. I know it has been a whirlwind for many of us. Here’s to perseverance and treating ourselves and others kindly in the process of understanding everything that is happening at this moment.

I have been wanting to dive a little deeper about the beauty of micro and intimate weddings even though there has been a recent lift in restrictions around numbers. What we went through last year has forced us to innovate small weddings and marriage ceremonies.

I love smaller weddings, they are just so relaxed and have a certain flow to them. They also are some of the best weddings I have photographed because of the intimate and personal vibes that come with them that make for the most wholesome of images.

Here’s my top 5 tips for having the best micro wedding and why they are awesome:

1) Get organised

It might not be a big wedding but trust me whether it is a small or big event, an event is an event, and organisation is always key to executing an amazing wedding whether big or small. 

If there is no budget for a wedding planner, do not fret. If spreadsheets make your skin crawl, don't worry, it’s 2021, and there are a lot of tech tools out there to help you out to automate the whole process. 

One of my favourite apps to use is Trello, it is absolutely free and such a cool way to organise your thoughts and task lists. If you want a more intuitive and smarter app that is more wedding themed then try WeddingHappy (which is also free); the nice thing about this app is that it goes a step further and lets you log in your anticipated wedding date and then builds a customised schedule off of that with all the really useful extras such as payment tracking, a spending summary, as well as options for co-ordinating vendor contact details and the ability to sync with other users. 

It is also good to have an event coordinator and if this isn’t in the budget, ensure the restaurant / venue has an amazing event coordinator staff on duty and on standby.

2) Gourmet experience

Having to not worry about the costs for big scale weddings allows you to add amazing touches for your intimate / micro wedding. Everyone loves food but adding an extra touch like having a michelin star restaurant with specially crafted food from master chefs really is the icing on the cake. It will make you and your close guests special and off course having the chef himself / herself come out to welcome the guests is always a nice touch.

A few places to start off your search for your perfect intimate luxury or michelin star restaurant wedding venue are below:

3) Personalisation and surroundings

Providing the restaurant or venue provider is open to the idea; you can really customise and add some lovely touches to really transform a room to make it more intimate and exclusive to you and your guests. Examples can include hanging florals and greenery, as well as props of all sizes to serve as a background to really give the room a wedding vibe. Go full on with customisation of various aspects of your wedding dinner e.g hiring a specialist calligrapher to do your menu cards, along with a caricature of every guest for each seat along with name tags etc. Get really creative and let your imagination run wild with the little touches that you can do to the venue, decor and items at your intimate wedding event.   

A couple of suggestions to note and get you started on your search:

4) Entertainment

Depending on how much room you have at the venue, it will affect your entertainment. Entertainment is always a good thing to have at hand, although I am sure there will never be a dull moment having your closest and dearest friends at your micro wedding. Having an external entertainment element just gives your intimate wedding that extra edge and uniqueness. However big or small, here are some great ideas for entertainment. 

5) Photography style matters

I always feel that with intimate weddings there are more opportunities to catch truly authentic images due to the lack of formality and super relaxed atmosphere of the event. To this end, think about your photographer, the brand and imagery that reflects the elegant, joyous and relaxed atmosphere of your micro wedding. 

If you are planning a micro wedding then I would love to hear from you! Send me a quick message below in the contract form and let’s talk about your plans.